Exercise 1: Setup ChromeVox

  1. Chang School with ARIA (see description of ARIA enhancements)
  2. Chang School without ARIA

Exercise 2: Apply static ARIA

  1. Open landmarks.html in you browser, and navigate with ChromeVox
  2. Open landmarks.html in a text editor, apply missing landmarks, tabindex=0, aria-required="true", aria-label, aria-describedby, and navigate with Chromevox

Exercise 3: Apply dynamic ARIA

  1. Browse through the jQuery and Mootools ARIA Widgets with ChromeVox

    Standalone jQuery-UI Widgets

    Standalone MooTools Widgets

    Open Ajax Accessibility Examples

    See the full list od Widgets from the Open Ajax Alliance

    Fluid Infusion Components

    See the full list of Fluid Infusion Components
  2. Implement the following widgets: